本酒店座落在风情万种的兰卡威岛之间,岛上充满了传说和神化色彩,因此被称为传奇之岛。 兰卡威由 104 座大大小小的岛屿组成,可眺望安达曼海和马六甲海峡的绮丽风光, 并以其数之不尽的鹰群而得名。 岛上主要的景点包括洁白无瑕的沙滩、婀娜多姿的椰树,以及清澈如水晶般的碧绿海水。 兰卡威被列为免税区,联合国教科文组织于2007年6月正式将其誉为世界地质公园。 其三大主要保护区是(Island of the Pregnant Maiden Lake)、Kilim Karst 吉林喀斯特地质森林公园和 Machincang Cambrian 寒武纪地质森林公园。

Getting Here

旅客可乘坐飞机直接抵达兰卡威。 提供往返兰卡威班机服务的航空公司包括马来西亚航空 (Malaysia Airlines)、亚洲航空 (AirAsia)、飞萤(Firefly)、马印航空(Malindo) 和胜安航空 (SilkAir)。 机场位于兰卡威西北部的Padang Matsirat。 旅客大可从吉隆坡、槟城及新加坡乘坐直航班抵达兰卡威。 另有从其他地点,如瓜拉玻璃市(Kuala Perlis)、瓜拉吉打(Kuala Kedah)、槟城(Penang)和泰国沙敦(Satun, Thailand)出发前来此地的冷气快艇, 票价从18令吉(从瓜拉吉打出发)至60令吉(从槟城出发)不等, 所有冷气快艇皆由兰卡威渡轮公司营运, 全程介于1小时15分(瓜拉玻璃市)至2小时45分(槟城)之间。

BY SEA – Kuah Jetty

Fast air-conditioned boats are also available from other point of origins such as Kuala Perlis, Kuala Kedah, Penang and Satun, Thailand. Ticket prices varied starting from RM18 (departing from Kuala Kedah) to RM60 (departing from Penang). All these fast air-conditioned boats are operated by Langkawi Ferry. The journey is between an hour and 15 minutes (Kuala Perlis) to 2 hours 45 minutes (Penang). Taxi fares are fixed in Langkawi, fares from Kuah Jetty to The Danna Langkawi is MYR44 per sedan taxi for a maximum of 4 passengers.

Estimated journey by ferry from:
Kuala Perlis – Langkawi (1 hour 15 minutes)
Kuala Kedah – Langkawi (1 hour 45 minutes)
Penang – Langkawi (2 hours 30 minutes)
Koh Lipe – Langkawi (1 hours 30 minutes)

For ferry schedules or to purchase a ticket, please refer to Super Fast Ferry (http://ticket.superfastferry.com.my/home/index_ext.php?online_ticket) or Langkawi Ferry Line (http://ticket.langkawiferryline.com/index_ext.php?online_ticket).

A Short Trip to the neighbouring Koh Lipe
Ferry Terminal going to Koh Lipe is located at Petronas Quay which is only a kilometre away from the hotel. The journey to Koh Lipe is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes and the ticket is MYR128 per person per way.

For ferry schedules or to purchase a ticket, please refer to Telaga Terminal Website (http://telaga-terminal.com/index.html)


Temporary Closure of Jacuzzi

Please be advised that on short notification, the Jacuzzi pool will be temporarily closed for essential repairs. This is due to a major leakage causing massive loss of water in the systems. Coincidentally due to safety hazardous reasons, the tiles requires to be replaced immediately. The entire duration of maintenance works will take approximately 6 weeks starting from the 8th May 2018. To facilitate the repairs in an orderly manner, the Jacuzzi will be hoarded. We will try our levels best to minimize noise disruption. We are glad to announce that the main pool, kids pool and the poolside remains open to all in-house guests. F&B services around the poolside and operational hours remain unchanged.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and should there be anything that we can be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact us

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