The Danna Langkawi - Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia

The Danna Langkawi Extension Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Construction Plan with legend - postponed to Q1 2018

1. What is the extension plan about?
In the interest of continually enhancing our facilities and services available to guests, the hotel has embarked on an extension plan to build an additional restaurant, which was up since December 2016, and 10 luxury beach villas. The beach villas are generously spaced from 490sq meter to 1080sq meter, each comes with its bedroom, living room, a courtyard, a private therapy room and an infinity pool. 

2. How long is the construction works are expected to last?
5 units of the Princess, 1-bedroom beach villa will be introduced by 1 February 2018, remaining constructions of the villas are expected to complete in Q2 2018. The Italian-themed Terrace which was part of the extension plan was completed in December 2016. 

3. Are these new buildings or this involve the renovation of the existing building?
These are new buildings which are being built adjacent to the existing building.

4. Where is the construction site?
The construction site is on the land west of the existing building stretching towards the Buray Bay's direction.

5. Will there be piling works?
There were no piling works involved for the entire extension plan. On top of that, most of the main works have been completed.

6. How will the constructions affect the pool experience?
There will be moderate noise at the swimming pool area. As the works progress, the noise and disruption will reduce gradually as works are concentrated farther away from the main building.

7. Will there be any noise disturbance in the rooms?
As the heavier works have been completed, we do not foresee any severe noise disturbance in the rooms. However, light ambiance noise may be heard in the rooms closest to the constructions site especially if the glass door is let opened.

8. Will the beach be affected?
The construction works will extend on to the fringe of the beach, however, it will not block the use of the beach.

9. How will it affect dining in the restaurants?
The works will start at 8am until 6pm with heavier works to be carried out after 10am only, low level of noise should be expected as you are seated adjacent to the construction site but inside the building. 

Dining at Terrace, being the outlet that is closest to the construction site would potentially experience some minor noise disruptions especially when the heavy vehicles are at work. Dining in al-fresco areas of Straits & Co should expect similar level of noise, however, its air-conditioned area should receive less noise disruptions.

Dinner at Planter’s will not experience any differences as works will cease by 6pm. Similarly, no noise disruption in the evening at The Verandah.

10. What is the construction working days and hours?
The working hours are from 8am to 6pm daily. Heavier works will only take place after 10am.

11. What facilities will be affected?
All facilities are not affected. 

12. What rooms will be affected?
We expect the rooms west facing the construction site namely a few of the Grand Merchant, Viceroy, Grand Viceroy, Countess Suite and Duchess Suite will be affected in terms of the unattractive construction sights and potential light noise disruptions. For better illustration on the construction site and affected rooms, please see above a plan for your easy understanding.

13. How will it affect the general hotel experience?
The noise and disruption will reduce gradually as the villas are stretching along the beach and works are concentrated farther away. All other hotel activities will not be affected, and all facilities and dining outlets will remain opened and operated as usual, this including the swimming pool.

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